Session Details

The Session

Indoor sessions are held at my in-home studio in Gardner, Kansas. Due to space limitations, I only shoot newborn, maternity, and children in the studio. Newborn sessions are scheduled for 10am. This is the best time of day for lighting, and most often is the time of day when babies are super sleepy so we can get those sleepy shots!

Outdoor locations can be chosen for portrait sessions. However, if a location requires a fee/permit for a professional photo session, the client is responsible for paying for the permit.

Newborns are best photographed within the first 14 days of life (preferably around 5-7 days). I don’t “time” newborn sessions, as they can take as little as 2 hours, or as long as 5 hours! It all depends on the baby’s disposition, and how much time we take for soothing, feeding, etc. I want the experience to be as relaxing for baby and parents as possible! So we will take as much time as needed to get beautiful images of your little one.

What to Wear

The most important thing for me is that your portraits represent you! So, you should wear something that reflects your personality. Casual and comfy generally work best; things with color photograph great! Accessories (hats, scarves, etc.) are fun, too!

When dressing for a couples/group shot, don’t worry about being “matchy-matchy”. Clothing in the same color palette or complementary colors can make great shots. Watch out for patterns; they can be distracting to the eye. You want people to be drawn to your faces!

When dressing children, let them be themselves! If they are comfortable in their clothes, it will show in their portrait. Don’t be afraid to bring a favorite toy or item that shows who they are at that time in their life.

During maternity shoots, I will never force anyone to show more than they are comfortable with. Button-up shirts, fitted tank tops/tees, and a pair of jeans leaves lots of possibilities.

Newborns are most often photographed naked. Bringing them lightly dressed and loosely diapers will prevent impressions on the skin leaving soft, smooth skin to photograph. While I do have lots of headbands, hats, wraps, etc, feel free to bring along your favorite hat, blanket, stuffed animal, or family item and I will do my best to incorporate it into a photo.

After Your Session

After your session, I will choose the best images to process. I will contact you approximately 1 week following your session to schedule your in-studio viewing and ordering session. During your ordering session, we will view your images, discuss what sizes prints and products you need, place your order, and make payment arrangements. I do ask that ALL decision makers be present during this session. I also encourage you to invite anyone else who may want to order (such as grandparents) to this session as well! It’s fun, relaxing, and exciting! And, we get to enjoy some tasty treats as well!

You can then expect to receive your order 2-3 weeks after payment has been received in full.